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8th October 2023


Southern Italy

Wedding Weekend

Saturday, 7th October to Sunday, 8th October 2023

We are delighted to invite you to the celebration of our marriage


Saturday, 7th October 2023

Location: Galleria Lecce Art, Lecce

5:00 PM

Welcome Drinks



Sunday, 8th October 2023

Location: Castello Monaci, Puglia

3:30 PM

Our Story

We look forward to spending this special moment with you and celebrating our wedding together in style!

You will find all details about the wedding here.
his website will be regularly updated, so please do check back.
 website is best viewed on a computer.

The ceremony and reception will take place at Castello Monaci on Sunday, 8th October 2023.

Hannah & Maciej

Getting To Puglia

We recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to explore various parts of the country while in Italy! Depending on your travel plans, you’ll want to fly into one of these major airports: Rome, Milan, or directly to Bari or Brindisi in Puglia.


Our recommendation is Rome as it's a larger airport with more direct routes. From there, you’ll need to connect into one of these airports in Puglia: Bari (BRI) or Brindisi (BDS). While Brindisi is located closest to Castello Monaci, there are more flights serving Bari (which is about a 1.5h drive away).

There are also regular direct flights to Bari & Brindisi from various London airports, so you can also consider transiting via London.

You may want to rent a car to get you from Bari or Brindisi to Salice Salentino where the wedding will be held. For those staying in Lecce there will be a shuttle service to and from the wedding - see Q&A. There is no Uber in Puglia, and taxis are rare (see Q&A), so renting a car will be the most convenient option. One of the main appeals of Puglia is its countryside, which has always been its foundation - the source of its food, its wealth, and its culture. We suggest coordinating with family/friends. For those who prefer not to drive there are also intercity bus and train options in Puglia.

Z Polski

W Apulii istnieją dwa główne lotniska - Bari i Brindisi. Brindisi znajduje się najbliżej miejsca ślubu i jest przez to wygodniejszym lotniskiem docelowym. Jest również dostępnych wiele połączeń lotniczych do Bari, które jest położone około 1,5 godziny od miejsca ślubu, więc jest to alternatywa warta rozważenia. Wizz Air ma bezpośrednie loty do Bari z Wrocławia, Krakowa i Warszawy. Ryanair ma bezpośrednie loty do Brindisi z Katowic oraz do Bari z Krakowa i Warszawy. Dostępnych są również wiele innych opcji lotów!



We recommend staying in the beautiful city of Lecce. We will be organizing shuttles from Lecce (pickup point at Porta Napoli) directly to the castle and there will be transport back to the town at the end of the wedding as well. All other events will be held in Lecce city centre. For details, please refer to our Q&A.

We recommend searching on BookingAirbnb, and Vrbo near Lecce, and booking early. Please click "Read More" for some hotel suggestions.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

You Must Have Some Questions

Dress Code

Our dress code for the ceremony and reception is Black Tie Optional.

Long dresses, suits, and tuxedos are all welcome.

(We welcome light colours, but no red please.)

There is no dress code for any other optional events.

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